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Simple solutions Title: Simple Solutions
Author: IPSOWA
Price: Rs.145
July 2009

This Recipe book is about fishing and fish recipes. Written in a conversational style, it is full of anecdotes and humour.

Catch The Taste Title: Catch The Taste
Author: Ishrat Akhter
Pages: 98
Dec 2005

This Recipe book is about fishing and fish recipes. Written in a conversational style, it is full of anecdotes and humour.

Once Upon a Time Title: Once Upon a Time
Author: Amlaan Shakeel
Pages: 25
Jan 2003

Once Upon a Time, is a collection of 5 short stories written for young readers.

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How To Publish A Book? This is one question that haunts many a new authour. But now you can publish your own book and get to know the nitty gritties of Book Publishing. Little Fairies is a Publishing Company that encourages Self Publishing. It is a Book Company Publishing helping Child Book Publishing,Cook Book Publishing, etc. A Publishing House that allows you to publish your own Book.



Mr. Panchapagesan is a retired police officer and above that a brave man who gave up his job to be of support to his wife when they lost their only son to the service of the nation. His stories form a wide range of topics and emotions.

Ishrat Akhter

Ishrat Akhter, a dedicated homemaker and a successful working woman, is a versatile personality that changes from being a writer to a painter to a corporate with ease, but she is mostly a dreamer. Born in a remote corner of Bihar she has traveled through most parts of India and can speak and understand many languages.

Amlaan Shakeel

Amlaan Shakeel is a young writer who loves to spin yarns around his experiences. He is the author of Once upon a time that he wrote at the age of 9. The editors had to work upon the language but the stories bore his individual mark. Now aged 14 we expect more stories from him for our young readers.

Poems from a young author called Syeda Najma.

Thisa - The Story Series

From a far distance, the little girl eyed
A little purring creature
But alas, fate had else in store
Ultimately in great pain it died…
She brought it home
With great delight
Days of joy followed despite
The fate it faced, yet unknown

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Snehaleen Harindranath

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