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Translator: Li-Chung Wang
Translator: Li-Chung Wang
  1. To the Tune of "Yu, the Beautiful Woman"New
  2. Cherishing the Memory of My Father Country
  3. To the Tune of “A Lotus Garland”
  4. To the Tune of "Bamboo Stalks"
  5. Fisherman
  6. A Peacock Flies Southeast
  7. Letter to My Wife on a Rainy Night
  8. Up to an Amusement Park on a Plateau
  9. Untitled I
  10. Untitled II
  11. The Cicada
  12. Ode to E-pang Palace
  13. Venting My Grief
  14. The Lute
  15. The Song of Endless Sorrow
  16. A River in Snow
  17. The Song of Stone Drums
  18. Night Mooring at the Maple Bridge
  19. The Song of a Traveling Son
  20. Farewell to Duan Li
  21. Four Songs at the Foot of the Great Wall
  22. Giving My Daughter Away to the Yang Family
  23. Soldiers and Chariots
  24. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (III)
  25. When a Guest Arrives
  26. Moonlit River in Spring
  27. A Difficult Journey
  28. Climbing the Shu Mountain Path is Difficult
  29. Farewell to Uncle Yun at Xie-tiao Tower in Xuan-zhou City
  30. Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon
  31. Inscription on the Wall of the Post Station North of Da-yu Mountain
  32. Farewell to Jian Xin at the Lotus Tower
  33. Mountain Life at Sunset in Autumn
  34. “Nine Horses” - Chinese Poetry
  35. Observing the Sword Dance Performed by a Disciple of Madam Gong-sun1
  36. To Hermit Eighth Wei
  37. To the Tune of “Sweet and Serene Melody”
  38. To the Tune of “Paying Homage at the Golden Door”
  39. To the Tune of “The Ravens Cawed at Night”
  40. To the Tune of “Magnolia”
  41. To the Tune of “Gathering Mulberries”
  42. To the Tune of “Expressing My Innermost Feelings”
  43. To the Tune of “Butterflies Lingering over Flowers”
  44. Ode to the Red Cliff
  45. To the Tune of “The Fortuneteller”
  46. To the Tune of “Calming the Wind and the Waves”
  47. To the Tune of “A Riverside Town”
  48. To Xiang Chen at Heng-yang City
  49. To the Tune of The Creek Where Xi-shi Washed Her Yarn
  50. To the Tune of “The Talented and Romantic Scholar”
  51. To the Tune of “Honoring the Stars and the Moon”
  52. To the Tune of “Heavenly Fragrance”
  53. To The Tune of “Fortuneteller”
  54. An Impromptu Poem Written in Autumn
  55. Responses to My Readings
  56. Sparse Hadows Kui Jiang
  57. Charming Nian Nu
  58. Jade Wine Cup
  59. To the Tune of "The Sky Filled with the Partridge Tune"
  60. To the Tune of “A Slow Tune”
  61. To the Tune of “Springtime in Wu-ling City”
  62. To the Tune of “Joy of Eternal Union”
  63. Ode to Mu-lan
  64. The Story of Wine
  65. Returning to Live in the Countryside
  66. Noble Love
  67. Eulogy for Myself
  68. The Body, Shadow and Soul
  69. Miscellaneous
  70. Impoverished Gentleman
  71. Drinking Wine
  72. Responding to Ye Zhang at the End of the Year
  73. Short-lived Flowers
  74. Nostalgia at My Farmhouse in the Beginning of the Spring of 403
  75. As Seasons Proceed
  76. To My Cousin Jing-yuan
  77. To Song-ling Yang
  78. Reading the Classic Book, The Mountains and Rivers