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About us

Little Fairies is a registered company that believes in doing things differently. Our experience told us that publishers often delay accepting or printing books to the point of frustration. Many authors are either made to change their script or the layout, or the make of the book has nothing of what the author visualises. Run of the mill marketting trends are followed. But we at little fairies, offer the writer a greater scope of satisfaction on this front.

We also encourage self publishing to many of our writers under our able guidance so that your book is published as a test of the market and if you do not make money, at least you get back your investment on the type of book you strongly believe in.

Self publishing without guidance can be a nightmare and you could actually land up getting bad quality end products. This is where getting published with an experienced company helps.

Most importantly, we do not charge for consultation to self published authors even though we make sure that they get their book published in the manner they want.

Our registered office is located at:

104A, 40-41, Ansal Building,
Dr. Mukherjee Nagar Complex,
Delhi - 110009.