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Chapter 1.2

He looks so out of place here. She thought as she continued to rest her eyes on his silky hair that was flying in the air ever so gently. His hair…how did he manage to grow such hair? How did he manage to be born so beautiful? Oh God! I can't believe that he's actually my classmate! This is going to be…

Jeena shook Morticia out of her train of thoughts as the Teacher called out Morticia's name for the fifth time in a row.

"P-present ma'am." Morticia managed to stammer out a reply to the teacher's constant call.

"Please try and remain in class physically as well as mentally next time Moira." The class teacher said out loud as she continued calling out the names of the students.

A minute later the attendance was done and the teacher gave out a few announcements, one of them being that a few students would have to stay back on Monday, the 1st of December to do something about the soft-board for the inter section soft-board competition. She said that she wanted names the next day and left the class room. But it was not like any of the two even cared. As soon as the class teacher left, Zarif turned around in his seat and asked Jeena if she had the time-table. She willingly gave her diary to him as he took it with a smile. Morticia's face grew as pink as a cherry blossom and she looked away from Jeena just in case she caught her. Unfortunately for her, Jeena had seen the blush on her face and was now tugging at her sleeve. Morticia reluctantly turned to face Jeena. Noticing that Leena was getting up to leave, Morticia immediately asked her where she was going to distract Jeena.

"Oh, erm…nowhere actually…" Leena replied as she stood there looking around awkwardly. Jeena, realizing that Leena always felt awkward around boys, said "Okay, bye."

"Yeah, whatever" Leena grumbled and went away to stand in front of the window.

Jeena turned back to Morticia, but before she could say anything Zarif turned around and handed her the diary, thanking her. She said that he was welcome and tried to talk to Morticia again but Zarif broke in and said "Hi. My name's Zarif Hussain, what's yours?"

Jeena, taken aback by the fact that he had all of a sudden introduced himself to her, replied "Er…I'm Jeena Sharma…er…hi…" and took his hand. Zarif nodded, got up and walked to Vikram.

When Zarif was out of earshot, Morticia shook Jeena and said excitedly, "Whoa, he's fallen for you!"

Jeena raised her eyebrows and shook her head as if to say that she thought that Morticia had lost it.

"I don't know about that, but I know that you have fallen for him." Jeena said with a sly smile.

"Yeah right!" Morticia said, still blushing.

"Hallelujah!" Leena came in, "not FIVE minutes for the guy to arrive and the entire lot of girls is bent on torturing the poor kid!"

Ah, but forgetful me! I forgot to introduce Leena, didn't I? Leena was Jeena and Morticia's best friend. Jeena and Morticia had met each other in the 2nd standard because of her. She was the first one to have called Moira Morticia, after her favourite cartoon character. She was half an inch shorter than both the girls and had dark-brown, curly hair that went a little below her shoulders. Her face was a little round on the top and slightly v-shaped at the jaw, with an L-shaped nose that was round at the end. She was one of the okay students of the class, unlike Morticia and Jeena who were the ones who managed to just pass with a couple of marks here and there.

"Torturing?" both Jeena and Morticia asked together.

"Come on!" said Leena, "All of them are all 'Ooooooooooooooooooooh! He's sooooooooooooooooo cute!' and 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love him…' Aargh! Do they have NOTHING else to do? Boys, boys, boys! I mean seriously, there is a world beyond boys, you know!"

Jeena rolled her eyes and turned to Morticia, then, deciding against saying whatever it was that she wanted to say, she turned around and started walking away. A few moments later Morticia realized with mortification where Jeena was headed to. Neither Morticia, nor Leena could hear what she was talking to Zarif about. All they could do was to watch her talking to him, reminding Morticia of being in the corner of a lively party and watching a bunch of people talking away without including her in their conversation.