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Oh! its gone, lost stolen and no one has the time to find it. It was the greatest gift from the almighty himself to mankind. He himself resided in it. It was more precious than gold and diamonds. It was priceless yet it cost nothing. It was free of charge. The more you gave the more it grew. But, alas! its gone, hidden away, buried deep somewhere in everyones hearts.

Its time we all got together, joined hands, to bring the culprit responsible for stealilng our smile away from us to justice. We do not have to go far and wide in search of the culprit, it resides within us. It is the unlimited hunger for money and power. Every one is running around trying to earn money by every possible means, may it be good or bad. The one who thirsts for these, does everything in his power to get them and the one who already has money and power, wants more. The rolling stones of desire and greed have grinded trust and faith into the dust of insecurity and suspicion and have also polluted the pure air of kindness and good morals in life.

People are ready to pay any price for the well being of their children, as long as it can be bought in the market. As a result their own offsprings, when grown up, pay them back in terms of money and not affection. The string of a smile that attaches a parent to its child, a wife to her husband or a husband to a wife, a brother to a brother, a friend to a friend, a community to another, a human being to humanity is missing, resulting in the loss of kindness, warmth, love and respect for one another.

Faces have been lit up with the mask of worthless pride of "I". Eyes have been covered with dark goggles of hatred and selfishness. Outward appearances have the look of withered flowers who have lost their fragrance of spirituality to the world of arrogance and false brightness.

Today the sole existence of humans has been threatened by incurable diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Depression etc. Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, Tsumani waves, hurricanes, typhoons and storms coupled with the man-made destructive forces like human, nuclear and chemical bombs have resulted in insecurity and fear.

Each heart wants peace and serenity. They go looking for it in debates, destruction and even in termination of others. We are ready to pay any price as long as we can get it. But we have forgotten that the remedy lies within ourselves. It costs nothing and it is not at all time consuming. We just have to bring it up out to our lips and SMILE. The power of a smile is such that it reflects the blooming of flower on oneself and spreads the fragrance of hope, love and care onto others. The more you give it, you receive double the amount in return. It is priceless and yet it has no price.

Please all hearts come together and revolutionalize the world with a great big SMILE

Nalini Bansal, Mumbai