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My alien story

On December 6th 2003, it was my birthday. I had a nice piece of cake and had gone to sleep when I heard a crashing sound. Suddenly, my alarm kept beeping and changed it's time very fast. The lights went on and off and my computer and T.V were on. It was the aliens I thought, their spacecrafts make electric stuff go all crazy. But then again I said to my self aliens don't exist.

Oh, but I was wrong! Way too wrong.

Next morning I woke up brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast. Then I went into my backyard where my super intelligent W500i Yatsibishi telescope was lying on the grass connected to my hyper intelligent superslim DELL laptop. My dad had taught me a new thing with my telescope and laptop. I'd just have to type in the name of any planet or constellation, then the laptop will tell the telescope where to point and I could see the planet or constellation on my laptop too. I was just checking on planet kruzakron which was located in a new galaxy I found. Then I saw some thing that scared me out of my wits. It was an alien spaceship!!! I ran out of my backyard scared like hell.

Then after having lunch I set up my HAM radio to pick up sound transmissions from the alien spaceships. If I got lucky, I could hear the aliens!!! I waited for a very long time but all I could hear was the usual shhhhh noise from the radio which meant that no sound transmissions had been picked up yet. I was about to off the radio when I heard a strange sound from it. OH, NO!!! It was the aliens. Suddenly, there were some red and blue flashing lights in the sky. Then I something landed in front of my backyard and then I heard the same sound which came from my radio. It was an alien!!! And it was gruesome to look at. It had two long tentacles with two orange eyeballs on top of it. It had a belt around its waist with a sword in it. The alien had a glove on its four hands. One with a missile launcher, another with a blade, the third with a shrinking ray and what looked like an ultrasonic sound blaster on its fourth hand and it had eyes all over its body. It was saying " must conquer the Earth". I ran and ran until I could run no more. I hid behind a tree and wachted the alien go towards the park which was next to my house. It went inside and stood in the centre of the park. It removed a remote control and pressed a big red button on it. Immediately, there were a few red and blue flashing lights in the sky. I removed my 1200x optical zoom binoculars and looked into the sky. There was a big circular thing with weird lights on it. Oh no!!! it was another alien spaceship.

It landed in the park and a door opened. Out came another alien just like the first alien. It went towards the first alien and said in a stern voice "hello king Kruzo". The first alien king Kruzo shook hands with the second alien and replied "hello commander Shobu I trust you have received my orders". Yes sir said commander Shobu, I have bought an army of aliens and they are ready to attack the Earth. Good said king Kruzo with an evil grin on face. Then I shall rule the Earth to make space for my crowded planet. Then I shall control the humans by turning them into zombies and they laughed into the cold night air. I stood rooted to the spot were I was standing transfixed and gazed at what I had just seen.

Next morning, I was watching my favorite show on T.V when the news channel turned on and the reporter said, we interrupt this program to bring you news that aliens have been sighted!!! I repeat aliens have been sighted. Just then the door burst open and there stood about ten to twenty aliens all holding laser guns in their hands. They tied my parents and me and put us in their spaceship. We landed in front of an old warehouse and they took us in. There were a lot of machines and more aliens. We could see king Kruzo sitting on a floating chair. Then he said to the aliens, attach them to the zombie maker. Then the aliens attached us to the biggest machine of all. I asked king Kruzo about what he was going to do with us. He said that the machine would remove our brains and hearts and turn us into zombies and then he would control us. Then he said to the aliens, "when I give you the signal you will switch on the machine and remove their brains and hearts. 3…,2…,1…,turn on the machine! BANG! BANG! BANG!..

Suddenly I opened my eyes. It was my mother, who was banging on the door. Oh……….what an exciting dream……….


By- Pratheek.B.

VIth 'B'

Of Bethany High, Bangalore