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Stop, Slow Down, Catch Up With Grandma

"Must Run! Must be quick! Must Leave! Must arrive! Must Stop!

Hey! Sit down for a while and look around. Notice that there is some one sitting there in the corner. Seems familiar? Yes, that's the Old Grand Father you had forgotten about. He still exists. Oh wait, there's some one else there too. Yes, that's grand mother, heard of her?

In today's time, everyone is in a hurry, be it work or fun. In the rush, the old people are missing from the picture. They have lived their lives and now sit around in the house, either praying or sitting silently wondering where everyone has gone. They wait everyday for at least a glimpse of their family. Because that is, after all, the most they are going to get and it is high time that they get more. A lot more!

Even though they seem to have nothing to tell you, they do. They have a lot within their hearts that, given the chance, they would be overjoyed to tell you about. All it requires is going and talking to them. Spending some time together will not only make them happy, but also bring cheer to your life. And if you can't seem to find any topic, then there is always the 'Good Old Times'. They love talking about them. They love telling you about the time when there was a fortune teller who foretold their uncle's death and how he actually died, and how the shooting star was actually the devil being beaten up by the angels.

So next time you notice the old woman sitting all alone, go and give her a laugh and some of your precious time. Make her happy. Because you never know when the opportunity might slip out of your hands and you never even get to tell her about your best friend in college.